Trying to get the ball rolling

2014-09-29 23:39:18 by NotJunior

So, i've been thinking about doing an animation w/ puppets.  And I don't know for sure what the premise is going to be.. However I have been working on some character designs today, and I think I have alot more work to do as far as that goes.  Until I figure things out, I will not ask for any help YET.  Theres still alot of writing and careful planning that needs to go into this.  Also, I've never animated puppets before.  So this is going to be kind of a cool learning experience for me.

This was a little test animation that took 30 minutes to make.  As you can see, it looks absolutely terrible (All drawn w/ a mouse. Eww).  But i'll work on it.    

Let me intoduce myself!

2014-09-14 19:21:00 by NotJunior

Hi, I'm JR!

I'm a 16-year-old up and coming animator/filmaker.  I've made tons of animations (mostly for school projects, lol)  and I wanna start taking animation more seriously.  I take inspiration from many animators.  Mainly, David Firth (Creator of Burnt Face Man, and Salad Fingers).  The biggest challenge for me, personally, is finding and/or making the time to make videos for people to see.  As many of you might have guessed, I'm a Sophomore in High-School.  So, homework, staying after school, etc. is probably going to affect the amount i produce.  So, until I can find a good scedule I see fit, I'll produce a video every other month at least.  This will be starting the day I post the first animation on here.  

I hope you guys will enjoy what i have to offer in the future :D